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Hong Kong ∞ Impression

Posted on 3rd Nov 2017 under Arts & Culture

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, there’s a special exhibition popping up at City Gallery that showcases different artistic movements on how city planning and infrastructure development have shaped Hong Kong as Asia's world city. From impressionist to postmodernist and a preview of West Kowloon Cultural District, view our city in a whole new light. Also not to miss, a ∞-shaped Möbius strip structure at Edinburgh Place echoing the city’s infinite possibilities.


Date: 20/06/2017-30/11/2017


Venue: Central, Hong Kong Island


Event Phone Number: 3102 1242


For details, please visit


Joan Cornellà "A Hong Kong Themed" Solo Exhibitio

Posted on 10th May 2017 under Arts & Culture

Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Joan Cornellà, who is famous for his black humorous artwork, is having a solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Cornellà has over 4.5 million fans on Facebook while quite a number of them are from Hong Kong. The artist decided to showcase his artworks in Hong Kong again as his debut exhibition in June 2016 was massive success.


Cornellà had taken a one-month trip to Hong Kong during January. During the stay, he explored the city’s grotesqueness and absurdity. Cornellà transformed his reflection on his trip into a series of new artworks, which will be presented in this exhibition for the first time. Apart from those un-exhibited works, there will also be limited edition prints and latest merchandise items.  


The exhibition venue is much larger than the previous one as the organiser knows Cornellà sends his fans wild. Tickets are available for online purchase and walk-in purchase. Yet the organiser recommends online purchase to avoid long queue.


Dates: 6th - 21st May 2017
Time: 11:00 - 21:00
Venue: Space 27 HK, 10/F, Block A/B, Tung Chong Factory Building. 653-659 King’s Road, Quarry Bay
Tickets price: $50

For more information, please visit

Picasso and Jacqueline Exhibition

Posted on 27th Feb 2017 under Arts & Culture

Together with the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, Time Square is going to showcase 13 pieces of artwork of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso was the most influential and dominant artist of the early 20th century. The exhibition will present 13 paints dedicated to Picasso’s last wife Jacqueline. All those paintings are being exhibited outside Spain for the first time. It is an exhibition that is not to be missed in a lifetime.


The 12 paintings in the exhibition were produced in 1962 with the linoleum printing technique. The oil portrait of Jacqueline on canvas is an art piece that belongs to a series of 58 paintings that Picasso finished in 1957. There would also be photos and description introducing the biographies of Picasso and Jacqueline. The exhibition runs from 26th February 2017 to 21st March 2017 at the Living Room Museum of Times Square. The venue admits up to 15 guests at the same time.


Picasso and Jacqueline Exhibition

Date: 26th February 2017 to 21st March 2017

Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Venue: Living Room Museum, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

Free admission to public

Fringe Club

Posted on 29th Dec 2016 under Arts & Culture

Fringe Club


Located at the corner of Lower Albert Street and Ice House Street, a two-storey brick-and stucco building is surrounded by skyscrapers in the Central Business District. This historical structure was built in 1982 and is the home of Fringe Club and Foreign Correspondents' Club now.


The launch of Fringe Club is linked together with the Fringe Festival back in 1983. The Club has converted the disused building to an open platform for arts since then. The Fringe Club presents festivals, original theatre, dance and site specific pieces to promote Hong Kong Art.


Over years, the Fringe Club offers spaces from for artists and art lovers to meet and exchange their ideas about contemporary art and culture. Here visitors may connect the pleasure of enjoying the arts with their daily life. On the rooftop of the historical building, you may have food and beverage and discuss about artworks.


Address: 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong Island

Tel: 2521 7251


Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 10:00 - 22:00 (except public holidays)

Botero in Hong Kong

Posted on 16th Jun 2016 under Arts & Culture

Nine monumental sculptures created by renowned Colombian artist Fernado Botero are displayed in Central Harbourfront Event Space from 3 June to 14 August. ‘Botero in Hong Kong’ is Fernado Botero’s first exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition includes female nudes, reclining figures and animals, collectively presenting the artist’s exploration of formal ideals, and cultural traditions related to sculpture in the history of art. The strong visual appeal with rich colours and extreme volume characterized the unique style of his work.


Botero in Hong Kong

Date:       3 June to 14 August 2016

Time:       9am–9pm

Venue:     Central Habourfront Event Space

Admission:       Free Admission

Enquiry:   +852 2413 0028


Joan Cornellà Solo Exhibition

Posted on 13th Jun 2016 under Arts & Culture

While everyone is crazily sharing the grotesque comics of Joan Cornellà on social media, this celebrated cartoonist is coming all the way from Barcelona to Hong Kong to make his debut with a solo exhibition in June.


Joan Cornellà’s works consist of mostly wordless six panel comics in the bright and happy colours. Ironically, the characters are usually wearing empty smiles and doing something sarcastically humorous that surprises you. Inverting reality, the black humours comic strips actually presents the real life controversies of the society that reminds us to reflect who we really are and what we should care. The style of his work is surreal, yet touches every single part of our life.


Installed at white and luminous 200 sq. meters venue in the heart of North Point, the exhibition will last for 10days at Connecting Spaces in which we can have the great opportunity to admire and acquire the pieces produced by Joan Cornellà, such as unique canvases, limited edition illustrations, t-shirts, books, etc. Joan Cornellà will also be present at the exhibition venue to sign the copies of his new publish, Zonzo. This would also be a great chance to interact with such a creative mind closely and directly!


Joan Cornellà Solo Exhibition

Date: 17-26 June 2016, 10am-10pm

Entrance fee: $50 at the door, includes a lucky draw to win a limited edition illustration and present.


Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong, G/F, Wah Kin Mansion, 18-20 Fort St., North Point

M+ Rover

Posted on 11th May 2016 under Arts & Culture

Having the appearance of car trailer, M+ Rover is a travelling creative studio which shuttles between schools and communities. Converted from trailer and container, artist Kacey Wong transformed the vehicle into a spaceship-like pop-up space from exhibitions and workshop.


M+ Rover aims to redefine public art and establish an unconventional form of art. Starting from 2016, M+ Rover will collaborate with two creative practitioners every year to bring participatory workshops to students and public. Participants contribute and add new features to the exhibition framework set by artist, which eventually turn M+ Rover to an interactive and evolving exhibition.


The first pop-up exhibition was led by artist Tang Kwok Hin. An installation named Look at you was themed around Cantonese slangs. Audience were encouraged to reflect on how language frames their prospective and habits through examining slangs in their daily life.


From 7th May till 16th July, photographer Siu Wai Hang brings his photo installation Disappearing Over the Decades to the public. M+ Rover is in search of items which have high risk to disappear in 50 years. Participants are then prompted to discuss about what would be the future artefacts of Hong Kong. The message of irreversibility of disappearance is thus conveyed to participants.


If you are interested in participating one of the workshops, you may see below the date and venue of community sessions:


Artist: Siu Wai Hang

Time: 10am to 5pm



May 21

Kowloon Park (near the entrance of Haiphong Road)

June 4-5

Central Harbourfront Event Space

June 18

Tsuen Wan Park Central Plaza

June 25

Tin Shui Wai Tin Sau Road Park (near basketball courts)

July 9

Victoria Park (near the entrance of swimming pool)

July 16

Victoria Park (near the entrance of swimming pool)

Le French May 2016

Posted on 27th Apr 2016 under Arts & Culture

Ever since 1993, May has been the most anticipating month for all cultural lovers thanks to the extravaganza brought by LeFrench May. This iconic two-month festival successfully attracts over 1 million visitors every year.


The theme of this year is “Dreams and Wonders”. There will be a series of cultural events stretched from classic to contemporary during the festival. In the past, Le French May has staged more than 500 events of the highest international calibre which covers a wide range of artistic discipline including visual arts, film, opera, dance, music, circus and culinary arts. Programme highlights include: exhibition of masterpieces by Claude Monet at Monet - The Spirit of Place, music concert Mozart in Love, classic stories of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast reinvented through ballet and contemporary circus Extrêmités. The festival also aims extending its vision to the community within the local scope. In order to benefit the young and less-privileged group, community outreach activities such as educational programmes, workshops, masterclasses, talks and guided tour will be held.


The objectives of Le French May are to touch everything, to be everywhere and for everyone. You can find little traces of the festival in different unusual and unexpected places in Hong Kong, from cultural centres and shopping malls, to public spaces, the racecourses and Victoria Harbour!


Being crowned for the “Gold Award for Arts Promotion”from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2008, Le French May is the one and only unique opportunity for you to discover the best of the French artistic scene in Hong Kong!


Le French May 2016

Date:       1 May to 30 June 2016

Ticketing: Please refer to event website (

Enquiry:   +852 3752 9104


Art Basel 2016

Posted on 9th Mar 2016 under Arts & Culture

Since 1970s, Art Basel has been taking an active role in staging the premier international art shows to providing platforms for galleries and artists from around the world.


From 24 March 2016 to 26 March 2016, a showcase of modern and contemporary art works done by region’s artists will be opened to all art-lovers through the portal provided by Art Basel. With over half of the participating galleries hailing from Asia-Pacific, an in-depth overview of the region’s diversity can be seen through the historical masterpieces and cutting-edge works by emerging and leading artists. 239 of the world’s renowned art galleries will display premier paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, installations, photography, video, film and digital art by over 4,000 artists. It houses a great variety of art presentation that would definitely feast your eyes intriguingly.


Apart from the art exhibition, local institutions also collaborate with Art Basel to make the parallel programs unique and valuable. ‘Time Waterfall’, a special large-scaled light installation by Tatsuo Miyajima will be offered exclusively by Art Basel. It aims at conveying the eternal luminance of human life and expressing an ethos of ‘living in the present’. The work will be shown across the entire façade of Hong Kong’s iconic 490 meter high International Commerce Centre (ICC) on the Kowloon harbor front which will be visible from numerous locations across Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Recommended locations for public viewing are Tamar Park, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park and the terrace on Podium 3 and 4 of the IFC Mall.


The event offers a dynamic cross-cultural exchange and an immersive experience to you. Daily guided tours in English, Cantonese and Mandarin are also available on request during the show period. For details, please contact



Art Basel

Date: 24–26 March 2016

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Ticketing: Tickets available at the venue and Hong Kong Ticketing (


‘Time Waterfall’ Large-scale public light installation

Date: 21–26 March 2016

Time: 7:20pm to 10pm

Venue: façade of International Commerce Centre (ICC)

Art Central

Posted on 7th Mar 2016 under Arts & Culture

The artistic atmosphere once again embraces our city in March. An inspirational spectrum of events is going to be held in the Hong Kong Arts Month. If you want to explore the fresh new dimension of Hong Kong‘s art scene, Art Central would surely be your next destination.

Upon the success of the inaugural event that attracted 30,000 worldwide visitors last year, Art Central is returning to the iconic Central Harbourfront on 23-26 March 2016. This year, Art Central will present more than 100 hand-selected galleries from 21 countries, with over 75% hailing from Asia. Apart from showcasing some of the most established contemporary galleries, the new generation of talents will also be introduced for the very first time in Hong Kong. A strong selection of museum quality works alongside some of the most exciting emerging artists from around the world will be presented to the public.

Housed within the city’s largest ever, architect-designed temporary structure, the fair will offer an ambitious program that champions discovery and experimentation. Activities include interactive installations, cutting-edge new-media, engaging panel discussions, as well as play host to some of Hong Kong’s hottest eateries. The fair has three specialized sectors: CENTRAL, RISE and PROJECTS. Each sector presents traditional established galleries, newly launched galleries and large-scale innovative installation respectively. Being described as “stylish, hip and not a little irreverent” by The Huffington Post, Art Central is going to be another step in Asian’s cultural Evolution. Treasure the rarely seen opportunities and indulge in the world of art.

Art Central Hong Kong

Date: 23-26 March 2016

Venue: Central Habourfront Event Space

Ticketing: Tickets availabe at HK Ticketing (Tel no: +852 31 288 288)