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Giving out 10 Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurant 2014

21st Feb 2014 under
We are giving out 10 Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurant 2014 for free!

What's out there: amika: hairdo bar

5th Feb 2014 under
Have you ever try to have a bubbling drink while you are having hair styling with your friend? I think this salon should be worth to try for this unusual experience.

Chinese New Year 2014

28th Jan 2014 under
Atria would like to introduce you a series of Chinese New Year celebration events to all of you!

International Arts Carnival

15th Aug 2013 under Arts & Culture
A variety of casual arts performance is taking place in the town. Check out for your favorite show on their website and book the tickets now!

Hong Kong International Film Festival

15th Aug 2013 under Arts & Culture
A big fan of watching films? The festival showcases the best of Hong Kong and Chinese cinema, as well as premiering world-class international works.

Chinese Opera Festival

20th Jun 2013 under
Chinese Opera Festival is one of intangible cultural heritage defined by UNESCO. May be you will addicted to it?

Le French May 2013

20th Jun 2013 under
This year Le French May celebrates its 21st edition as one of the major arts festivals in Hong Kong and Macau.

Mobile M+ Inflation!

20th Jun 2013 under
“Mobile M+: Inflation!” is the second pre-opening “nomadic” exhibitions curated by M+, the new museum for visual culture at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

20th Jun 2013 under
A dragonboat race is going to held in Tsim Sha Tsui East. What about have a beer and join the carnival?

Hong Kong ArtWalk 2013

24th Apr 2013 under Arts & Culture
Art event recommendation of the month: HongKong ArtWalk 2013.