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About Us

From serviced apartments in the short run to standard leases in the long, Central Shorts is the only property search one-stop you will ever need.
Now thats mentioned we hereby declare finding a place to stay in the city must always be hassle free, relaxed and fun. Happy searching !

Why 'Hassle Free' ?
Enough of those endless trackpad meanderings mousing around for your ideal serviced apartment. Easy does it… you're a click or two away from what you want. It really isn't that complicated.

Why 'Relaxed' ?
Because you need a place fully furnished and serviced every time you walk in that door. Relax, you're in the city so let us take care of the tedious…that way you can be at the beach.

Why 'Fun'?
The design calls for it. All serviced apartments with characterful identities, functional basics all in place hitting the sweet spot each and every time. Light, airy and liberating; we at Central Shorts say every citified habitat must feel as if you're 'wearing shorts under the sun.' (Yes, just like at the beach ;-)